Boca Raton Center

for Arts & Innovation
World-class performing arts venue. State-of-the-art event space. Iconic cultural landmark. Incubator for innovation and education. And a calling card of cities that have arrived. Situated in the heart of downtown Boca Raton, the Center will provide not only a permanent home for our region’s local cultural organizations in dance, theater, and music, but also be a place where 7 different flexible and innovative spaces can curate experiences either indoors or out, public or private, free or ticketed; for the young or old, student or professional, or rich or underserved; either day or night, weekday or weekend, and all year long – this Center is truly a Center for ALL.
Andrea Virgin, President – Board of Directors
Kelly DiMaria, Treasurer – Board of Directors
Heidi Boncher, Secretary – Board of Directors
Matthew Cimaglia, Director – Board of Directors
Elizabeth Dudley, Director – Board of Directors
Robert Friezo, Director - Board of Directors
Steven Giacona, CPA, MS, Director – Board of Directors
Patricia Kilgallon, Director – Board of Directors
Alex Rosemurgy – Board of Directors
Roger Stein, Director – Board of Directors
Dan Guin, Co-Chair – Board of Directors
John Tolbert, Co-Chair – Board of Directors
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Avirom & Associates Land Surveyors
Devos Institute of Arts Management – Business and Capital Campaign Planning
Gunster Law Firm – Legal
IBI – Architecture, Engineering, and Technology
JMD Engineering
OGK Creative – Branding, Marketing, and Digital
Spring Business Solutions
Surale Phillips – Economic Impact Analysis
Walter Duke & Partners
Door 2 Door Strategies – Resident and Community Engagement

Meet the people who have put this project in motion.

A nonprofit organization of individuals, organizations, corporations and consultants are dedicating their time and talents every day to make this vision a reality. The individuals composing the Board of Directors, Advisors, Founders and consultants all come from diverse backgrounds, yet collectively share the vision and have the experience necessary to lead this exciting project for our great region.

Discover what the center will offer the community.

This Center will offer a vibrant , functional, flexible and forward-looking home for artists, businesses, students, creative entrepreneurs, and the public overall that is unmatched in the region. It will immediately benefit and upgrade Mizner Park’s 3,500-seat amphitheater and will provide new world-class venues for performances and open-air public space that will attract families, athletes, community groups, tourists, and more. The Center for Arts & Innovation is a Center for us All.

Understand when and how long the project will take.

Once the City grants approval of the long-term ground lease, anticipated in the Fall of 2021, the Center’s focus will be on raising the capital and shortly thereafter recommence design and planning efforts. Upon the full raising of the capital and completion of the design, planning, permitting and pre-construction phases, construction would commence, with an estimated 24-28 month construction schedule. Although the entire Center would commence construction simultaneously, the Center will thrive to turn over the newly-improved Amphitheater first by 2025, the City’s centenary year – with the full Center opening late 2026, early 2027; What a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the last 100 years with next-century culture infrastructure as we look ahead to the next 100 years.

“It is time for our community to bring a shiny new object to Boca Raton’s downtown to demonstrate our continued relevance as a player in the world of first-class living, business, and play. I believe this Center can be an eye-opener for community members and outsiders alike.”

Richard L. Schmidt, Schmidt Family Foundation

"I could not be more optimistic or supportive of the development of the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation... The Center's differentiating promise to integrate advanced technology and to function as a site for research and development - not only in the arts, but also between the arts and other sectors - is an unrivaled opportunity for Boca Raton... and [the Center] will be well-positioned to drive advancements in education, business development, and tourism."

Kenneth C Griffin, Founder & CEO of Citadel

"What an impressive and passionate endeavor and we are thrilled that there is an opportunity for this cultural destination to be the neighbor to Mizner Park eateries and shops. Brookfield is supportive of your organization's desire to have this concept in Downtown Boca Raton."

Brookfield Properties, Mizner Park

"After four years of hard work, the organization behind this mission has transformed an idea into a well-planned, financially sustainable, and visually exciting vision for a 21st-century arts complex, one of the first of its kind here in the United States. It has energized residents, philanthropists, businesses, institutions, and political and community leaders. Further, this organization is positioned to raise the funds necessary to realize this next-century vision and the time to do so is now."

Kelly Smallridge, President & CEO, Business Development Board, Palm Beach County

"It is vitally important to ensure our guests have exciting destinations to visit, and we were thrilled to learn about the potential for an advanced, cutting edge, multi-purpose and iconic collection of performance venues, as planned for the Center."

Patrick Goddard, President, Brightline Trains, LLC

"We joined this initiative early on as Founders and look forward to continuing our participation. We are especially interested in how this forward-thinking cultural infrastructure will reposition our City as the premier destination along the Gold Coast."

Carla and Bruce Weiner, PEBB Enterprises

"This project will reinvigorate our city and cultural organizations, inspire technological innovation across different sectors, provide unprecedented educational opportunities, for a myriad of demographics, and establish Boca Raton as a destination for those along the Gold Coast. I am energized by this project and major leaders in the community are as well. We want to contribute to Boca's next 100 years and believe this is the perfect project to do that."

Matt Cimaglia, Founder & CEO, Third Summit

"I am pleased to write this letter of consideration for the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation... the programming will be educational, entertaining and beneficial to residents of all ages. I am a strong proponent of the arts and I look forward to the future of this Center to include musicals, performing arts, and theatre that we can all enjoy as a community."

Congressman Ted Deutch, District 22

"It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of support for the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation. As long-time residents, major business owners, and supporters of the arts, we find this project to be the uplifting and transformational project our City needs as we move out of this pandemic era and into our next chapter."

James and Marta Batmasian, Investments Limited

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation. I got on board early with the Center as a Founder and it is my desire that this project becomes a reality."

Edith Stein, Edith and Martin Stein Family Foundation

"I am honored to express our strong support for the proposed Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation. Their attention to detail and foresight in designing a project that fits the diverse cultural and economic needs of the City is impressive. We look forward to helping this project become a reality."

Alexander S. Rosemurgy, II, CEO, Rosemurgy Properties

See where the new Center will be built.

Located in the heart of downtown Boca Raton, this Center will provide a new beacon of iconic cultural infrastructure here along the Gold Coast, filling the gap that has long existed between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The proposed site (590 Plaza Real; Boca Raton, FL 33432) is set at the north end of Mizner Park and includes the existing amphitheater and the raw parcel that is already zoned for cultural usage and has remained undeveloped for over three decades. The proposed Center will finally bring to fruition Mizner Park’s founding promise to serve as Boca Raton’s cultural core, while driving much needed foot traffic through Mizner Park and giving riders of Brightline an exciting reason to stop in Boca.

There are many reasons why this project is important.

This project will:

  • Fulfill the original promise to its residents
  • Provide a vibrant home for world-class performances
  • Provide an accessible, enjoyable place for our community to gather
  • Drive much needed foot traffic through Mizner and our Downtown
  • Spur economic relief and major impact into our City
  • Provide a space for local cultural organizations
  • Ensure Boca Raton is seen as a beacon of arts and culture

We sincerely appreciate the support of our Founders, as they have been instrumental in the launch of this project.

Peg Anderson

The Boca Raton

Heidi Boncher & Joel S. White

Carlos & Cecilia Chinchilla

Matthew Cimaglia

Kelly Homnick DiMaria & Andrew DiMaria

Andrea & John Doyle

Elizabeth H. Dudley

Marleen Forkas

Cindy & Robert Friezo Foundation

Steven L. & Terri Geifman

Steven Giacona, CPA, MS

Eric & Olga Jorgensen

Patricia & Paul Kilgallon

George & Jennifer Ligeti

Shaw & Laura McCutcheon

PEBB Enterprises

Patricia Frexes Ramudo

Laurel Rom

Dr. Matthew & Katalina Saady

Goldman Sachs

Trish Savides

Edith & Martin Stein Family Foundation

Roger & Elena Stein

Mark Bruce & Marilyn Lee Swillinger

Dr. Elbert & Trisha Vaca

Andrea Virgin & Greg Woulfe

Amanda Weiner

boca raton arts center
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Explore the Site Master Plan for the Boca Raton Center for the Arts & Innovation

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